Kitchen Renovation Day 6

Apologies for the abbreviated post - I've got some life to attend to this morning!

The wall is completely gone.....  minus the two water pipes that connect to the bathroom above which we a. didn't realize were there and b. need to reroute somewhere. But those are details...right? I'm amazed how much more light there is between the two rooms. Once we get in the white cabinets and paint the navy blue walls in the dining room, it's going to feel like a giant room. I love it.

The electrical outlets are marked and ready to be installed. Bor-ing. I want to see pretty stuff. AND have the essentials.

No pictures today. Long story short: massive thunderstorm + desperate call from Mr. B whose tire blew out in the middle of nowhere = Mrs. B to the rescue. I'm a good wifie.

Happy Friday friends and GO MAVS...

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