Happy Independence Day!

What's a holiday without a someecard?! Happy Fourth everyone. Hope yall are enjoying your day and it's filled with bbq, fireworks and lots of laughs. 

Mr. B and I "celebrate" Independence Day a little different than most people. While I'm celebrating "Independence Day", Mr. B is celebrating, what he has cleverly titled, "End of Dependence Day". He continues to march around the house singing "God Save the Queen" which is fine because I immediately counter with "My Country, 'Tis of Thee". Such is our life. 

We took a little excursion to the Shore for the first time this weekend. (Shore still sounds weird to me, but when in Rome....)  Our friends spent the week there and kindly invited us down for some sunshine and relaxation. The best part? We got to cuddle with two little adorable babies, Gavin and Brayden. It was a quick 24 hours but so wonderful to spend time hanging out on the deck and rocking the little babies to sleep.

Our view for the afternoon.

My beach reading to make sure I was keeping it real.

Mr. B and Gavin. Melt.

I could get used to this view.

Thanks again to Mr. & Mrs. G for sharing your amazing beach house with us!

It's back to the real world tomorrow, which means kitchen updates will be posted first thing Tuesday morning. In the meantime, cheers to America!

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  1. Happy 4th lovely, was thinking of you. LOVED your mag, what do the pages of Texas Summer entail?

    Oh and the someecard, priceless, thank the stars you introduced me to that site.

    I owe you a long e-mail OR you around for Skype this weekend?

    Love to you both