Kitchen Renovation Day 28

Let's just ignore that my last kitchen update was Day 6. The reason for no updates? (Other than I'm a bad blogger?) There was nothing to update! How frustrating. Once the initial demolition was done, there was little activity for the next week and a half.

I know that builders rotate through several projects at a time, so sometimes there is a lull, but do they not understand I have friends who are waiting for news? I should leave them a note this week to remind them to be more considerate of my loyal readers.

So, to bring you up to speed:

We have lights! Pretty recessed lighting too...

1. These are showing up blurry and I have no idea why. Please photography gods, cut me a break!
2. Everyone who I shows these to comments that the new windows are so nice. They aren't new windows yet!

Most of the appliances have arrived - Aga, Fridge and Dishwasher. They're just chillin in the living room and foyer - which makes for awkward moments during the weekend when you're trying to make some dinner and there's stuff everywhere.

Hello pretty fridge sitting in the middle of the living room with no handles and cellophane wrap all over you.

Hello pretty Aga sitting in the middle of the foyer and no handles.

Hello pretty dishwasher which I actually haven't seen in real life yet.

Stuff everywhere. Let's go ahead and find a home for all that boys.

Still not sure how I feel about leaving the instructions for the insulation guy on a piece of yellow legal pad taped to the window. I feel like there's a little "room for error" with this approach, but what do I know!?

Spray foam insulation - halfway there!

So yes, there is progress... slowly but surely. (I mean, just spray all the darn foam and be done with it!) We're coping with a makeshift kitchen in the living room but the urge to make a full 3 course meal from scratch is growing everyday. At least it's warm outside and Mr. B is extremely proficient with the grill!

Happy Tuesday friends....

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  1. Even the lights make a big difference! And amazing appliances, even if they are in the living room! Exciting! Can't wait to see more!!