Kitchen Renovation Day 29

No sooner than I complained yesterday that the spray foam wasn't finished last week - well, I'll be darned - we came home yesterday to a fully insulated kitchen. Result. (Remember folks, my motto is "celebrate the small wins").

Mind the trash in the middle of the picture...but honestly, I wasn't moving that pile of junk for the photo!

At some point, we need to get the entire house insulated. Deary me, the thought of that is exhausting. But last winter was a serious wake up call: our heating bills were outrageous. I understood why "rage" was it outrageous. We needed a small mortgage to cover those bad boys. When we ripped out the kitchen it was pretty obvious why - there was nothing between the walls and the exterior. Just a gap. And then imagine that through the entire house.

Mr. B has asked the guy who did this little crafty piece of work for a quote for the rest of the house. Thank goodness one of us is actually getting some stuff done around here.


  1. Look into getting the insulation blown in between the drywall and outer wall...and new windows :) While the inner frame is exposed, have them caulk around the windows in teh kitchen right now.

  2. I was going to suggest the blowing in of it too! looks good! My house is horribly insulated, I totally understand your pain!!! I am even in a town home, but it the roof I guess only has 3 inches of insulation I dont even want to know about the rest of the place. My bedroom is often in the 80s during the day and in the winter in the 60s. (my clock tells me)