Kitchen Renovation Day 45

So in the last pictures I shared with you, the cabinets had been put in place but it was just a rough estimate. They weren't permanently placed.

Well now, they're in! For real.

Can you spot the mistake?
(hint: it's near the fridge)
Oh heck. I'll just tell you.
The fridge is counterdepth and they were supposed to trim back the stuff around the fridge so it didn't stick out so much. We'll have to get them to fix that ASAP.

Ignore the door on the left. They put it back on so we can close off the room to keep the house clean, but the door will come off again when everything is finished.
(I get annoyed with a door to the kitchen. Am I the only one?)

The sink is unpacked and ready to be installed. really.big.and.heavy.

Oven hood. Sorry this is an awkward picture. It's actually laying on the floor and I had to assume a super flexible, gymnastic like pose, to get this picture. Like I said. It's awkward.


  1. Love it!!! Finally coming along...

  2. So excited! It is all coming together - it looks great!