Planes, cabs, music, pancakes and graffiti...

What do those five things have in common? Nothing really.

Mr. B and I had to dash out of town this past weekend (somewhat unexpectedly, but nothing bad) and I managed to sneak a few pictures of our adventures to share with you.

Not the biggest fan of turbluence, but the storms made for a pretty sight in the sky.

I get super-excited when I see a black cab anywhere on this side of the pond. Aren't they just gorgeous? This one still had the right hand drive too. I think I'd like one of my own someday.

Three small signs pack a punch. I was sold.

If you know Jim Gaffigan, you will know why this is hilarious. These are truly panCAKES.
"Do you sit in it or do you eat it?"
Jim, I hope you're reading this. I'm a big fan.

Wound up at some random college bar. I've always been a fan of bathroom stall graffiti. Had to send this one to my bestie Whitney, and no, I am not the artist!

We returned home to a delightful surprise in the kitchen, but you'll have to wait to see more. (Blame me. It was late and I really wasn't in the mood to fool around with a camera.)

Tomorrow I'll get back on track with house posts - thanks for letting me indulge with some personal stuff!

PS: Yes, I just said delightful. 

PPS: I've always been super annoyed with the people who "vague-blog" and post cryptic messages, but for once, I understand why. Therefore, sorry I'm not sorry for vagueblogging. Give me some more time and soon enough it will make sense.

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