Kitchen Renovation Day 55

Back from the weekend in Texas - but more on that later. I have kitchen updates!

Mr. B texted me this fabulous photo on Saturday while I was lounging at the pool, with a drink in hand of course!

 We have an stove hood with light!

And today, when we came home from work, we were treated to this lovely surprise!

Floors are stained! Unfortunately, we still can't walk in the kitchen which means this is the only photo angle you're going to get today. But, once it's dry and we're clear to walk, I'll be sure to share some different shots with you. 

Granite people are coming to template tomorrow! From there it takes a week for them to cut it and install it. So......it can't be much longer now, right?

Here's to cooking up an AMAZING first meal in this beautiful kitchen!

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  1. Congratulations - looks amazing! So exciting. I can hardly believe this is the same space. Cheers to getting that much closer to cooking the first meal in TAH! xo