Back in the great state

I woke up this morning
with Texas on my mind
thinking about my friends there...
- Pat Green

I did wake up with Texas on my mind. Indeed, today, I woke up in Texas.

And it feels good. Minus the heat. But I don't care.

There's absolutely nothing better than Mama H. picking you up at Love, heading to PL Nail for mani/pedis, taking a few afternoon laps in the pool (more like bath tub?), enjoying a family Tex-Mex dinner and sleeping in the home you grew up in. It feels good. Really good.

I'm in town for a girls weekend for Miss Mods wedding. I'm super excited for relaxation, laughing till it hurts and celebrating my bestie before she gets married next month. Life is good.

I'll be out of commission until next week but I promise to try to remember to take pictures. I also promise not to make promises I can't keep. So maybe I'll just steal some pictures from someone else.  

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend friends! 

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