Kitchen Renovation Day 50

We've hit the big 5-0 folks. 50 darn days of this project. But I have exciting news to share:

The Aga has landed....

Obviously the handles and all the bells and whistles aren't on yet, but it's set in the kitchen. Trying to figure out the measurements on that wall to make sure it all fit was a royal pain in the rear, but it all fits. (No thanks to my math skills.)

Ignore the saw on the left bottom. I just wanted to get the side cabinets in for reference. And yes, to prove this place is still a worksite if I've ever seen one.

We had some people over tonight to check out the house and as Mr. B predicted, the Aga was certainly a hit.

But the surprises don't stop there!

The pretty farmhouse sink is in place...

Mr. B has to find some facuets this weekend. Not many wives trust their husbands implicitly with home decor but I have no doubts he'll do just find without me. (Read: I'll approve via email pictures.)

Since the thing weighs darn near a ton, they had to build a special little shelf to support the weight. The sink sits on top of it and holds it all nicely in place. Muy muy muy importante come granite time. Or so I've heard.

Finally, they started to put the molding on around the cabinets which makes such a difference, if I may say so myself!


And lastly, remember the tiny issue we had with the cabinet surrounding the fridge? It wasn't cut to counterdepth? Well, they fixed that today too, and put the end panel on. I'm so pleased.

So yeah, you could say things are getting done around here. I love coming home on evenings when there's been tons of progress and being surprised at every turn. It took me at least 5 minutes to notice the Aga, which was immensely entertaining to the guys who were still working when I got home. (Did I mention how much I love our contractors? Straight hustlin'.)

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!

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