A civilized afternoon at the Polo - weekend recap

Not sure how I go from posting about Trashdiving to Polo matches, but it's just how we roll.

Most of the weekend was spent cleaning. As in a deep clean. The contractors have been very neat and tidy, but there was still a hint of dust on everyting and I just couldn't take it anymore. While I was the epitome of rise and shine on Saturday am, someone else (who shall not be named but by your amazing powers of reasoning I am sure you can guess!) made his way back from NYC after a long night (and morning?) out on the town. My hangover sympathy gauge was on zero.
But this post is not about cleaning. (Gross. I just had a mental image of me taking pictures of the nasty papertowels and blogging about it. How not to blog!)

Sunday afternoon we joined some friends for a very civilized outing at the polo. There are a few Polo teams around these parts and it makes for a fun, relaxed, boozy afternoon. Sunday-funday at it's best.

Our dear friend LC had set up everything and this is a girl who knows how to throw a party. (This is the same LC who works in events and pulled off our amazing gala shindig that I posted about here. She's hugely talented folks. Her man, Sylvain, is also in hospitality, so between the two of them, you always feel like a pampered guest.)

Of course, I didn't have any charge in my phone, let alone a camera, to document the wonderful spread they put on. LC shared a couple iPhone pics with me to share with you.

Polo essentials:
Shade - check
Table and chairs - check
Chilled champagne - check
Freshly squeezed lemonade - check
Sandwiches, fruit, olives, cheese -check
Cloth linens, real plates and silverware - check

We had a close call with a runaway ball, but luckily, no one spilled their drinks. (Or was injured.)

If Pottery Barn ran a contest for the "real-life" catalogue scene, she would win.
Tables, chairs, drink dispenser, chiller x 2. I was in heaven.

What goes up, must come down. We'll leave it to the boys to pack up the tent.

Thanks LC and Syl for an excellent afternoon. Ya'll are the ultimate host and hostess (with the most-ess!)

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