Kitchen Renovation Day 67

Freaky Friday! The Flippin Fridge is Fully Functional!

Functional in the sense that it's nicely tucked away in its little cabinet home where it will live happily ever after.

Also functional in that it is COLD. Always a good sign of a working fridge.

The pretty handlebars have yet to be mounted. (Installed? Not sure what we're specifically calling the act of getting the darn bars on the fridge!) And you also probably noticed the protective film that I guess is going to continue to protect. From what, I'm not sure. But I'm not taking any chances.

Hopefully this week they will finish up the fridge and get the Aga all hooked up and in business. I know they have a bunch of other loose ends to tie up. . Because right now there isn't one. But we'll save that "hilarious" story for another day.

Mr. B tells me it's too soon to start moving stuff into the pretty new fridge. Is he right or wrong?

Oh say, like finding the dining room light switch

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