Work hard, play hard

Newsflash: It's been a busy year at The Anniversary Home. Between the new kitchen, roof and septic system, plus tons of decorating, yard work and general upkeep, we've given everything to this little money pit this past year.

Mr. B. and I are firm believers in the saying "work hard, play hard". Professional or personal, you can pretty much guarantee we'll bust booty to make it happen. So come Friday night or Summer vacation, you better believe we bring the same gusto to relaxation as we do to 9-5. (or 7-11 in our case!)

As of tomorrow evening, we're off on a two and a half week vacation. Wowza. Black and white print don't give adequate justice to the excitement tonight. Our jam packed itinerary includes a wedding and family time in London, more family time at the lake in Minnesota, and another wedding in Colorado. We're seriously going to need a vacation from our vacation.

Work will continue at the house while we're away. Planning and scheming for the next phase of life will continue too. But as for us, we're removing ourselves from the chaos of everyday life and I'm a-okay with that. I wasn't saavy enough to set up guest bloggers in my absence. (Which is a total letdown since that's my half of the brand promise!) But to be honest, I'll be around and blogging. Y'all are only a point and click away on this fantastic thing called the interweb. (Remind me to tell you the story of me actually calling it the interweb to a pair of guys at a bar in Salt Lake City last year.)

Bear with me during the periods of silence. I'm likely on the golf course or knitting at the end of the boat dock. And guess what, I deserve it.

Be in touch soon. Au revoir! For now....


  1. Have a wonderful relaxing fun trip!! You deserve it! Rest up for the next chapter ;)Take lots of pics and travel safe! And I def. need to hear about this two men/bar/interweb story, hah!

  2. woooo ! have so much fun on all your trips! Can't wait to see pictures of the weddings and London when you get back!


  3. What a fantastic sounding vacation- I'm sure you will have a blast!

  4. Have an amazing vacation! I love weddings :)

    I just found your blog and can't wait to read more of your posts!!