Dining room table dilemma

I need some help friends! The time has come for us to get a dining room table.

(You're probably thinking: those people are heathens! What do they eat dinner on? They've been married three years and don't have a dining room table!)

We are not heathens. We have a table to eat dinner on, but it was a temporary solution. And actually, we've had two dining room tables, but for reasons I won't get into, they both had to stay at our previous residences.

When we moved in, I immediately went to town on shopping for a table. I dragged Mr. B all over looking for the perfect table and made him stare at endless webpages searching for the one. I imagined this beautiful, huge, grand table where little kids would do their homework and we would host many a dinner parties and holidays. Heck, I even bought the chairs at the auction! How could you forget my Crate & Barrel steal of the century!

But I put the brakes on when I realized it didn't make any sense to buy a table BEFORE the renovation work. It would just get in the way, plus, I didn't want to risk it possibly getting scratched, painted, ruined, etc. So I held off. And now that the kitchen is done, it's time to find the table!

I've had my eye on this gorgeous piece from Ballard Designs:

I'm especially digging the pedestal look on a rectangular table and it's safe to say that after a year of contemplating, I'm pretty much sold on this "look". But I was hoping to maybe find a cheaper version elsewhere? You know, something similar but say, half the price?! (Wishful thinking?)

Here's where you come in:

1. Have you seen a similar table elsewhere for cheaper? Tell me where. I'll drive to the ends of the earth to get it.

2. Do you have any promo/discount codes for Ballard you'd be willing to share? Even a hundred or two off would make a difference.
Thanks in advance for your help for letting me know what you think. I need your help!


  1. Have you looked at Pottery Barn?

  2. There's a similar, but more rustic one at cost plus world market. I think Ballard sends you a coupon when you sign up for their emails or sign up to receive their catalog!