Dining room table dilemma: Solved!

Thanks to so many of you who commented/emailed with suggestions for the table. Guess what? The dining room table dilemma is resolved! I know you are as relieved as I am.

Here's the winner:

Pottery Barn wins again. The Tivoli Dining Room Table.

You're probably wondering how I went from basically being deadset on the Ballard Table to this one? A few of you coached me through the cost - I really wanted it but it just didn't make sense right now. This table didn't have to be the end all, be all, table and given ALL the other projects in the house... Well, +1 for common sense.

Plus, this table was on sale. Score. And, I have an AMAZINGLY AWESOME friend LC who offered her $200 voucher for her PB credit card. Double score. Talk about a good friend. LC saves the day. Everyone needs an LC friend.

So after the discount, taxes, shipping, etc, the table was about half the cost of the Ballard one. Not too shabby. In my head at least.

It's scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday although I may have to change the date to coincide with the carpet delivery.

What? Carpet?

I've been keeping secrets from yall! 

More tomorrow....

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