Bye bye 70's carpet!

Fair warning to any Victorian home restoration aficionados: you're not going to like this post. But it had to happen.

Yall, our floors were nekked. Stark nekked. And I just couldn't take it anymore. So I caved and got carpet. The shame. (For a historic homeowner.) But so liberating. (For anyone who wants to live with modern amenities.)

Let me back up. You do remember the hot mess that was the existing carpet? The green, floral, 70's mess?

It had really overstayed its welcome. It had to go. As did Mr. B's back in the process of ripping it up. (Note to others: if you or your husband have any sort of back issues, save yourself the $100 and get the pros to rip it up. You'll ultimately spend more in ER visits, prescription drugs, chiropractic visits and lost days of work. I promise.)

I thought the floors underneath were passable. But once it was all up and gone, it was clear they weren't. And again (recurring theme here!) I couldn't afford to have the entire second and third floor floors refinished. That would cost an arm and a leg I just wasn't willing to sacrifice. Plus, the hardwood floors were noisy, drafty and dirty.

So, the carpet solution made sense. And you know what? I'm really okay with it. I've tried to stay true and original to the home as much as possible, but this time, well, I win.

I'll post pics of the carpet when its installed next week. (Hopefully the same day as the table delivery!)

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  1. Actually, wool carpet (Wilton and Axminsters) were used during the victorian periods. Please tell me you did not buy a flecked olefin berber or I will cry out loud.