Happy Birthday Mr. B!!

The secret is out: Mr. B. is another year older today!!

Happy birthday to youuuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuu. Fine. I'll stop there.

(Here's why. Last year we had to meet with our parish priest in order to register for our church. You know the story, here's all the wonderful activities you can get involved with, the priest says to me: we also have a choir. And Mr. B., without missing a beat, and dead serious, says to him: My wife has the voice of an angel...drowning. To which the priest roared with laughter, and I did too, but now only save my singing for when I really want to annoy him.)

35 years ago today, the world was punished graced with an incredibly funny looking (see above), caring and charming man. You never cease to amaze me with your sense of humor, ability to consistently function on 4 or 5 hours sleep, and most of all, your eternal English optimism. (Sometimes to the point of living in la-la-land, but I love you anyways.)

This photo proves just that: laughing your tail off, probably on only a few hours sleep from the celebrations the night before, in full-on English wedding goodness.
Remember 5 years ago when I surprised you at your offices with a singing transvestite Dolly Parton inpersonator? And you wanted to absolutely kill me because your European Board was visiting that day and you thought your career was over? How you underestimated me.... Not only did I clear it with everyone at the office, but they loved the idea so much they chipped in to double the humiliation....

Lucky for you, I don't have anything like that up my sleeve today. Just this post which rekindles those feelings of embarassement - that I've now shared with the entire world.

You're not off the hook that easy though. I've instead gathered four fantastically funny photos of you from over the years. I could have picked 50 - honestly, there are that many - but hopefully you'll smile at these and remember all the fun we've had over the years....

1. Only you would visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia, wearing your Great Britain shirt, and give a thumbs down to the whole America concept.

2. Looking lost (or drunk?) and miserable at Glastonbury, most likely scolding me for eternally wandering off and getting lost. It also appears you're holding my poncho too.

3. Holding a rainbow umbrella and a hot pink Longchamp bag while talking to a goat in rural Kenya. Enough said.

4. The infamous pink boa shot of you just minutes before you were swiftly kicked out of the bar - the weekend of our wedding no less. You decided to attempt to serenade me while standing on a table. You fell off. And I took you home.

Happy Birthday!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICH!!!!!!! I see we share a common love of hot pink. I'd send you a facebook happy birthday message but 1. we've only met once (although I read about you on a daily basis) and 2. we're not fb friends. Go to Allen Golds tonight and get yourself some drag queens!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. B - Killer pics!

  3. OMGosh!!!! Breathe Woodsy, breathe!!

    Whilst pretending to work and reading your post I laughed so loud and am BUST-ED! The umbrella, the bag, the goat, I actually can’t control myself, this picture is to funny yet strangely as it’s Mr. B it’s totally acceptable!

    LOVE that I could be a part of so many of these occasions. Will have to dig out the after pic when Mr. B fell off the table and all that remained was a single hot pink feather. You do recall this was the night before your wedding, I laughed so hard (can we laugh yet?), I’m still laughing now.

    And Dolly, oh my word, Dolly! All together now, Richeen, Richeen, Richeen, Richeeeeeennnn. You brought KK that day, I was happy.

    Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dick, we love ya