Time's a tickin!

Tick tock... Only a few more days to enter The Anniversary Home's first giveaway.

What's the big deal?

Try a custom, one-of-a-kind fall wreath designed by our dear friend Lenzi over at Homemade Happiness.

Don't forget the rules... and let's be honest, it's pretty easy!

There's two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here. Say what you feel like. You love/hate this blog. You think Lenzi's an all-star. You really need this wreath. Go Frogs. Whatever you want, just comment and be nice.

2. Give Lenzi and I a shout out on your blog encouraging others to enter this giveaway. This blogging world is pretty amazing and I promise if you show us some love, we'll reciprocate and show you some love too. (Just drop me a note so I know!)

I'll make this pretty easy too. I'll ship this pretty lil' thing anywhere in the world. What what? Rewind, you read that correctly. Anywhere in the world. You live in the outback down under? No problem. (Hi Julie!) We're crossing borders and going international here.

Make sure to get your entries in by Thursday, October 13th at midnight EST.

Go. Now. Do it.


  1. I am entering officially for one of these gorgeous wreaths, they are like a good necklace for your door :).

  2. How can anyone not love your blog? Your humor is contagious and makes me smile when I read your entries! Now, about that wreath.......A very welcoming addition to any home; especially as we approach the holiday season!

  3. Okay, this is so weird.... You, as a fellow knitter(!) left a message on my blog; so I wanted to check out your blog (love it!) and what?? I just looked at these wreaths other day on etsy! I swear, I really did! I love wreaths and honestly, unless I'm going crazy, I think I entered a giveaway for a wreath similar to this... Maybe I'm experience deja vu?! Anyway, I love the wreath and I am digging your blog!
    :-) Lisa

  4. I tweeted about your giveaway!