House Updates & Christmas Decorations

The Anniversary Home has been on the market for just over two weeks now with no offer yet. What?? There must be some sort of mistake?

I've been through the real estate run around enough times to know this puppy ain't selling for a while, so no use in getting my hopes up.

That said, we've had 8 - count 'em - eight! - showings in two weeks, and I'm very encouraged by the high level foot traffic for late November/holiday time. Can't sell your house if no one's looking at it, right?

So far, the feedback has been pretty positive. The kitchen/dining room is a hit (duh.) and people love how big the rooms are, the tall ceilings, the staircase, etc. So what's the problem?

The Anniversary Home still needs some significant renovations. Significant is relative, because to us, they're minor compared to what we've already done, but to the average Joe and Jane, putting in two new bathrooms and overhauling the exterior/landscaping is quite the chore. I don't blame them. (And that's why you never see pictures of our bathroom, or of the outside of the house, because they're sooooooo dated. Clean, but dated. I'll keep you updated, but that's really it. Showings, but no offers.

So I'm going to move swiftly on to what's really on my mind:

Ya'll. It's December 2. Everyone's posting pictures of all their Christmas decorations, lights, trees, etc. etc. etc. AND I DON'T GET TO PUT ANY DECORATIONS UP THIS YEAR. (You bet I still throw temper tantrums like a two year old.)

Do you understand how much this pains me? I have pings of jealousy and envy when I see all your pretty posts with your adorable husbands hanging lights, your precious, sparkly trees....AHHHH!

But I will not be an envious person. Instead, I'm living Christmas vicariously through all of you. Each and every picture you post is you sharing a part of Christmas with me. I'm not sure if I really believe this crap yet, but I will.

In the meantime, I'm treating myself to daily Christmas cheer at Starbucks. Far more expensive and less healthy than just putting up a darn tree.

My gal, Lenzi, at Homemade Happiness, shared her Starbucks holiday drink with me, and I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty amazing. And simple. (But you have to understand, I didn't have my first coffee until a few years ago - love you/hate you for that Whitney - and I really don't like anything other than caramel lattes.) Tall Pikes Place coffee with one shot of peppermint and a little milk. Oh, holy night. I had two today. And if you follow me on Twitter, you know I've been seriously suffering insomnia this week from my daily S-Bux. Sleeping is totally out of the question tonight.

With that said, it's over and out. I've got a rockin Friday night of chores and cleaning before Marie comes to visit tomorrow.

Hope ya'll have happy weekends! And keep posting all your Christmas decorations!


  1. I'm so glad you like the peppermint shot. I might have had one Saturday and this morning. Pretty stinking good!

  2. Sad but true. This is our THIRD (yes third) Christmas sans tree and major decorations because we are moving yet again!!!! I am getting used to it and enjoying everyone else's all out energy. I have to admit, however, we usually have a little tree with lights because it is so romantic. This year, I have a tiny tree with lights and homemade popcorn garland and pinecone decorations.