Christmas Cards

Promise there are no more Christmas temper tantrums in this post like last week!

But I need DO your advice / thoughts on Christmas card etiquette.

Full disclosure: Our cards have already been ordered, so you won't offend me if you disagree with my decision, nor will your opinion change my decision. Why in the world am I asking then? Because I'm curious. I'm a Gemini / Cancer people. I'm a highly curious person. And plus, you don't know my decision, so you can speak freely.

Is it vain/tacky to put pictures of your family (ie, yourself and your husband) on your Christmas card when you're not newlyweds, nor do you have kids/pets that are cute and cuddly?

The left side of my brain says: Yes, Kate. That is a little vain. Here's me and my husband. We're so adorable and we deserve a spot on your fridge. Never mind those cute little grand kids or pets!

The right side of my brain says: No, Kate. People like seeing pictures. Christmas cards are like a snapshot of the year, and for all the friends and family you don't see often, they enjoy seeing your adventures and travels!

Please discuss. I literally have not been able to sleep over this. (Actually, that could be the holiday Starbucks. But I think the Christmas cards are really the root of my anxiety.)


  1. We do a picture of the two of us every year. People love pictures and I've seen so many of just a couple. I don't think it's weird at all. Do what you want and don't worry another second over it!

  2. Ha! I love this. And I seriously pondered this before we got engaged. I sent out regular cards (no picture) while we were living together (mostly because some people I was sending cards to didn't necessarily believe in shacking up before marriage). Once we were engaged I sent a card with our picture, and of course I did this year too.

  3. HA! You are too funny girl. Put the caffiene down, and don't stress so much over this. My opinion is that people LOVE seeing pictures and the couple Christmas card is a great way to go. When I come home and have a Christmas card to open, I always hope it's a fun one with pictures.

    Especially friends that I don't get to see too often -- bring on the pictures!

    (PS - I got a Christmas card once featuring a pic of a college sorority sister with her cat. It was a long-arm pic taken on her couch. I LOVED IT.)

  4. Pictures the whole way. Once I find a man that can put up with me, I will make him take holiday pictures every year and we will send that sh*t to everyone we know!

    PS I just cursed, in a comment, about Christmas cards. Exhibit A why a man will literally have to put up with me.

  5. I like both, but I love seeing pictures of my friends on Christmas cards, kids or no kids. You can't go wrong either way! :)

  6. Who wouldn't love Kate and Rich on their fridge? Nah, but really it's cute. Very southern too. ;)

  7. Agatha H-B!!! I'd be disappointed if you didn't have cards printed. I love how American this tradition (??) is & if you don't supply them who else will give me my USofA fix?

    1. I know they're already printed (good gal) so you already know the answer
    2. Ours are also at the printers, you've inspired the Southern hempishepher
    3. Don't you personally just LOVE getting these cards? If course you do so no need for stress.
    4. I've had a lot of Xmas cheer, WATER!!!!

  8. Not vain at all! I love seeing pictures of friends and family during the holidays. Now, if you sent out a Christmas card with just yourself... Post a picture of your card after you send them out! Would love to see it!

    Also, I am hosting my first giveaway over at TSF. Stop by and enter and spread the holiday cheer!

  9. I love Christmas cards with pictures! I don't care who it's a picture of, but I want to see faces.

  10. Am I the only one who broke out into "You're so vain...."?? It felt like perfect timing.

    Love the pictures... However, use this to your advantage to explain to RB the need for a cute cuddly creature to accompany you on the card so you're not alone. Strategy my friend, strategy.

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