Meet Dottie

Friends, meet Dottie....

Dottie is our realtor, but she's much more than that. She's also a friend, an adviser, a marriage counselor, and an all around amazing woman. Honestly, would I write an entire post about someone who was just "so-so"?

We met Dottie when we were moving from London to the US. She was our "relocation specialist" and it was truly fate that we were paired with someone so similar to us. From day 1, drinking wine outside in the sunshine, we knew we were good with Dottie. She found our adorable little cottage on the river (furnished, no less! I tell you, she works wonders!) and she stuck with us through two agonizing years of house-hunting to ultimately land The Anniversary Home.

I had to call Dottie to tell her the news that we were moving. I think she was as stunned as we were. (As if we would call anyone else to sell!?) She gave us a long list of things to-do to get the house up to spec for the market, and now, today, she put a for sale sign in my yard. (Notice I say my, because Mr. B no longer resides with me, so this entire place is all mine. I'm a brat.) She texted me this afternoon to give me a heads up because she knew I'd freak out. Well, she was right. I haven't even been home yet and I'm feeling a little sad.

I'm grateful to have Dottie on our side again as we head into this next round of real estate chaos. I trust her completely and I know she'll do everything in her power to get our house sold. With all the change in our lives right now, a girl just needs to know Dottie is there.

I'll take pictures of the sign at some point - when it's not forever dark - and will share the MLS listing with you guys so you can pass along to all your friends who want to buy my house, right?!

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