TAH Party

So what's the first thing that comes to mind when you're moving and your house? Throw a big party for your friends, of course! This past weekend, a few friends - Alexa, Andrew, Casey + respective partners - came over to TAH for a slightly out of control rager quaint evening with good friends.

For those of you who don't have work friends who are as amazing as mine, I sort of feel sorry for you. That's right. These peeps are my colleagues, but we're all the same age and have become pretty close over the past few years. So, it was a no-brainer to throw a slumber party with these friends to begin the farewell process. As I type this, I know it sounds a little weird, but you should know me well enough by now....

This post could easily turn into a slideshow of any generic house party, so I won't bore you with all the hilarious (to us) pictures, just the highlights.

Basically, if we can ever be friends in real life, you have to understand that a good party has good food and good drinks. Well, we had both, which means we had a good party. (Duh, I always have a good party.) But I can't take any of the credit for the good food and drinks from this party because A+A+C totally outdid themselves this time.

While we didn't have an "organized" menu per-se, we enjoyed a ton of really delicious appetizers. Like artichoke dip courtesy of Mrs. Paula Deen, and some grown-up, pigs in a blanket which were really sausage and herbs wrapped in puff pastry. There was also an amazing cheese ball (okay, two of them), pumpkin cobbler, stuffed mushrooms with bacon (!!!!) and some other stuff I can't recall. We ate lots.

And while eating was part of the purpose of this gathering, we shouldn't kid ourselves that drinking was at the top of the agenda too. Listen, it's been a busy time of year and a little "let your hair down" and attempt the splits during the dance party was absolutely in order.

Our drinks for the evening consisted of, and in this order:

Red wine
Lemonade + blueberry vodka + lime juice
More red wine (fascination with the "aerator" kicked in about here)
Beer (fancy pants kinds)
Hot toddies (more on this later)
Red wine

You don't need to ask how we were feeling the next day. And if you're impressed that I could not only remember the drinks, but the order, well, I was only able to piece that together from the photos of the night.

Casey is the queen of "South Philly" hot toddies and made not one, but two, batches, which I think seemed to really begin the downward spiral of the night get the party started. We served them in the mason jars with neon straws. It made perfect sense at the time. And because after two hot toddies, around 1 am, I decided we needed to have a champagne toast. Again, it made sense at the time.

There are plenty of dancing pictures, card game pictures (think t-rex arms and chins on the table as punishments) and other random escapades, but I'll only share this one with you, because it's just too. funny.

Ryan, standing proudly with his punishment shot, of gin (his choosing - eek!) while Andrew, Casey and I surround the Aga to survey the hot toddie situation. You would have thought we were working on a souffle given our attention and concern to the matter. And Ryan is oblivious.

Even Queen Lizzie made an appearance at the TAH hello/goodbye party. I told yall she's everywhere!

(And before you start judging about how awful Alexa and I look, you just need to know this was one of the last pictures taken of the night, and we stayed strong until 3am, thankyouverymuch.)

Believe it or not, we all got a solid 8 hours of sleep and were amazed to learn the next morning that nothing had been broken (especially champagne glasses and iPhones!) and no one had been seriously injured despite the frequent contact with a hot stove and physically intense 2.5 hour dance party.

All in all, an epic night. Thanks yall!


  1. Thank you for hosting an awesome hello/goodbye evening at TAH! It was a blast, and I wish it wasn't the first/last. Biz and Mr. B really know how to roll out the red carpet!

  2. The photographer did a great job with this one.

  3. How fun! That food sounds amazing--it's making me hungry right now!

  4. How come house parties are the best thing ever? Sounds like yours was a very good one!