Weekend Recap

We had four showings - count 'em - four. I don't know whether to be excited or disappointed by that, though. I'm erring on the former because I've decided "if I will it, it will come." Therefore, I am willing this house to be sold.

So far, I'm keeping up with keeping the house clean/ready for showings, although if you open any random drawer / closet in this house you're likely to find an assortment of things that likely do not belong there. I stuffed my iPod cord in the silverware drawer, some shoes in an office desk. If Mr. B. was here right now he'd basically be losing it because he couldn't find anything. Heck, I can't find anything. (You know that "Here it is!" moment when you find something you've misplaced? I'm having that approximately every 15 minutes.)

Sunday morning I went to the Philadelphia Marathon to cheer on my friend, Andrew, in his first marathon. The weather was perfect and we had an awesome time traipsing around the city to track him. For all his anxiety and nervousness about the race, he absolutely smoked it with a time of 3:24. Did I mention this was his first marathon?

Since I had to be up early on Sunday morning, I decided to stay in on Saturday night for a little craft party complete with poster board, markers, glitter glue and red wine. I made three pretty signs for Andrew, but only managed to snag a picture of him with one of them:

While it was a great day, and I don't want to take away from Andrew's achievement, I'm pretty shaken up by the fact we witnessed a runner collapse in front of us near the finish line. We later learned he passed away. We watched the entire thing play out - CPR, defibrillators, IV, etc. - in front of us and I feel sick about it. I feel horrible for the runners families and will definitely be saying an extra prayer this week when we all gather with our families to give thanks for all that we have. I hope you will too.
With that said, I can't believe Thanksgiving is finally / actually here! I'm looking forward to spending a few days at home with my family. We'll be doing some serious football watching, perhaps mixed in with a game or two of scrabble, followed by more football watching. What will you be doing this Thanksgiving?


  1. Congrats to your friend Andrew! So sweet of you to support him. I ran my first half marathon last Spring and I was so excited. And that wasn't even a full marathon! How sad about that one runner. I have heard of that happening right at the finish line to a few other people in the past and it terrifies me. I can't imagine actually seeing it. Will definitely keep the runners family in my prayers this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you for TAH blog shout out! And, thank you again for coming and cheering me on. You cheering me on and the signs definitely helped me run so fast! Happy Thanksgiving!