"What's next for your career?"

If I hear this question one more time, I think I might just slap someone.

Not because it's a particularly intrusive or sensitive subject. Hey, I work full time. I'm leaving my job to move with my husband for his job. So naturally, I'll get a new job there, right? Yes.

But the problem is, I don't really know. And I feel like I'm supposed to have the answers.

Well, I do know. I know I'm good at what I do (and keyword) when I have the time to fully commit myself to look for a new job, I will. But let's be honest, I'm in the home stretch of finishing up my MBA and I'm pretty busy with holding down the fort up here in PA while Mr. B's gone. I'm feeling a little spent. That's natural.

But has anyone ever felt like they're just not sure what they want to do? Like, I know what the obvious next step is, but maybe this is the perfect opportunity to try something new (i.e. new career with my MBA). Or is this the time when we finally take the plunge and give parenthood a try? (I make it sound as if you can dip your toe in and out of this parenthood business. I know it's not that simple. It's just my sense of humor.)

The problem is, I'm such a planner. So when I look at January and February on my calendar, and there's nothing there (other than classes), it freaks me out a little. I have the luxury of taking a little time to find my feet in our new city. I don't want to rush into the first job I'm offered. I've learned that it's not about the job description on paper, but the people and organization that really matter when looking for your next move.

Hence, I'm sort of at a crossroads. I'm telling myself that I can't expect to have the answer now if I'm not even living full-time in my new environment. It's normal to just question the simplest things when life is throwing so many curveballs my way. But I'm also listening to a little, tiny voice in my head which is hinting to me that this move presents so many new opportunities. Some perhaps that I haven't even thought of before. But trusting that little, tiny voice? Oh, that's a different story.

Has anyone else ever been in a similar situation or feel the same way? I love all your comments, and now more than ever, I need you to share some life lessons with me!


  1. I do sweet. When we came back last year I felt exactly the same & trying to find a job before we left was not an option (or even get a proper idea of the place was impossible!).

    So I made the choice to just wait until I got here, suss out the environment & just enjoy my last few moments in my old location.

    I got here, took a good 6 weeks to just access what I wanted. I really wanted a GOOD employeer & took my time to find them. So after 6 months of looking, temping & Xmas (because nothing happens here for a month around Xmas) I found the job & I'm really happy.

    I felt good I didn't rush into anything too. Sending you love, light & decisive decision making xxx

  2. its baby time. there. i fixed your decision problem ;)

    but really, whatever you decide to do - remember this: planning and waiting for everything to be "right" before you make choices will likely only be more frustrating. there is never an 100% right choice. just follow youre heart :)

  3. Biz, all you know to know is that you are awesome and amazing at everything you do!

  4. Well I just had to enter the ring on this one. Considering I knew exactly what industry I wanted to be in since I was 13, going to a specific college for it (Phila Textile), landing a job in it after college and then moving out to the west coast to work with my husband in the same industry, when we sold our business 5 years ago, I was a bit lost myself. My first plan of attack was to take short term, non-stressful jobs for fun while I 'FIgured" it out. The second idea was to go back to school for my masters in something completely different. After that, move to a new state and imerse myself in volunteer programs and the community. This is what I have learned on my quest to figure out what to do "next'. By putting myself out there and mixing with different people in different industries, I have stirred up passions in things I never knew existed. I always knew to keep all doors open so that when an opportunity presents itself, jump on it. There are so many amazing people with creative platforms that if you exert some energy (which I know you have a lot of) and put yourself out there, doors will always open. The key is to pass through them instead of walking by. Enjoy the journey!

  5. I hated that question too! I was at TCU loving my job and then realized I was going nowhere. So what did I do? went to law school. I admit there were points where if one more person asked me what type of law I was going to practice, or what my speciality was I was liable to bite them, but God had a plan. I am still working on finding my niche here at work, but I know the feeling of what do I do now? especially post grad school. Hang in there.

  6. I was totally at that point all last year. We knew that we would be moving for my husband's job, and I would be going with him. I used to teach, but I couldn't find another position, and I didn't think it would be a good idea to teach inner-city. It drove me crazy not knowing what would happen, but things worked out. I really do think that everything happens for a reason, and things will work out for you!

  7. Hi - thought i'd stop by your lovely blog and say hello! This situ is so familiar to me right now. We made our big NYC move last week (for Dave's job) and obviously I now have to find my post-King's next step. You know how that is! Can't believe you're leaving just as I get here but all sounds super exciting for you both. Let me know if you're in NY at all before you head South. We can have drinks and NOT talk careers :-) Hx