Tweets from my time away

Sheesh, ya'll, time flies when you're moving!

I hated being away from ya'll for so long, but you've got to understand, girlfran has been bizzy. In the past two weeks, I've quit my job, finished my finance class (A minus - I'll take it!), had friends visit from London, packed up what I need for my move this week, had a serious night out on the town with friends (and am paying for it now with a nasty cold), had my first blogger date, and boo-hoo, said many a tearful goodbye. Told ya'll I've been busy.

I will spend the next couple posts catching up you on a few of the highlights of my whirlwind time away from blogging, but for now, I'll leave you with a sampling of my favorite tweets from the last two weeks in no particular order:

@Me: It's Sat. night at TAH & so begins another round of "I have nothing to wear" "You have tons of clothes" meltdown.

@Me: Insanely awesome or intervention time? I just had cereal and red wine for dinner. #reallystartingtoletmyselfgo

@Me: On tonight's agenda? "Managing Exchange Rate Risks With Derivatives". I'm confused already.

@Me: Brunch w/ hubs who won't get off his darn phone. You're so lucky I'm a patient wife. #whoamikidding #imtweeting

@Me: You might be a grad student but get a life. This is unnecessary and inappropriate for any place other than an airport.

@Me: Leggings are proof God loves us even when we're hungover. Wait. Leggings AND Netflix. Yes. Proof it (the hangover) will get better soon.

@Me: If by "packing" you mean "aimlessly wandering around and making a hell of a mess" then I'm doing a great job this afternoon.

@Me: Yes, for those keeping score: 5 hours, 2 boxes, 2 temper tantrums, 1 dance party. It's been a productive day. #bizistakingcareofbiz

@Me: Judge if you want but this is exactly what Tuesday morning needed.

@Me: I will pay someone million dollars to bring me @starbucks now. #thisisaserioussituation #cantgetup #whathappenedlastnight #socoshotsbadidea

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