Christmas Cards

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked yall what you thought of putting pictures on Christmas cards (when you're sans kids, puppies or newlyweds?)

From your comments, tweets, emails, etc, I got a resounding put 'em on there!

And don't you worry, I did! Thank goodness ya'll agreed with me on this one, because I'd already ordered the cards when I'd posted that entry. I just needed a reality check to make sure I wasn't totally vain. I'm not. I think.

Here's the final product! They've all been signed and shipped to destinations all over the world. (Love ya'll overseas but you cost us a fortune.)

Since I can't send one to each and every single one of you, please consider these your e-card from us!

Wishing you all have a wonderful holiday and here's to 2012!

Lots of love,
Mr. and Mrs. B xxx

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