A little Texas Hill Country getaway

To treat ourselves for all the stress/inconvenience/exceptional achievements (read: moving, MBA and Mr. B's promotion!) over the past few months, Mr. B and I headed to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country resort during the Christmas Break.

Lush. And just what the doctor ordered.

It wasn't quite what we had originally planned to be do over the Christmas break (we canceled a trip to Tokyo/Osaka/Nagano once we found out we were moving - major bummer) but it was exactly what we needed. Doesn't life have a funny way of always working out the way you need it to?

I love a good road trip and this trip could easily be categorized in the "perfect" road trip category. Not too short, not too long, beautiful weather and scenery and some great restaurants/sights along the way.

The High Five in Dallas: anytime we pass it Mr. B gets strangely excited. Must be a boy thing?

Fountain Dr. Pepper from Love's...a Texas road trip essential.

Love me some open road driving

 Do yall know the Rodney Atkin song "Take A Back Road"? Well, Mr. B. is sort of obsessed with it of late, and he insisted I find us a back road. (Anyone else see the irony here?) Thanks to my iPhone & google maps, I succeeded.

I'm half-tempted to snag one of these signs - just for the days when I need a laugh

My cow friend. I made Mr. B stop the car so we could have a chat. He looks a lil' skinny though!

The weather was amazing, warm enough to even swim outside and get a lil' wintertime sunburn. My derm would not approve but I preferred to think of it as essential vitamin D stockpiling for the long winter ahead.

Of course, what is a getaway without good food, wine and....games!! In case you haven't been reading for the past year or so, we're sorta, kinda, maybe, a little competitive when it comes to meaningless and ridiculous things that provide uber-bragging rights. Like Trouble. (Reigning champ here!) Cards, specifically Gin Rummy. And Checkers, because it was there...

It would be an understatement to say I DOMINATED Mr. B at Gin Rummy this trip.
Absolutely dominated.

But he took his revenge in Checkers. I lost. Hence that evil smile. Don't be fooled!

Things I didn't take pictures of? Our afternoon in the Spa. Duh, that would be inappropriate. But it was glorious. Our amazing meals. Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day and nothing beats smoked salmon for breakfast! Also, who doesn't love a great steak? Didn't get pictures but take my word for it....it was delish.

We failed (surprise, surprise!) to get a picture of the two of us at my parents house in front of the tree this year, but luckily, the hotel still had their massive - and beautiful - tree up for a perfect picture opportunity!

If you're looking for a relaxing weekend in/around San Antonio, we highly recommend the JW!

Lots of love,
Mr. and Mrs. B x

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  1. This looks like an awesome getaway! So jeal of your pool time in winter! We need to chat soon about TN!