An Update on the House

Grrr, I sure wish I could write that It's Sold!!! but unfortunately that would be a lie.

The Anniversary Home has been on the market for almost 60 days. That's approximately two months. And while I'm discouraged that we haven't had any offers yet, I have done a great job (if I may say so myself!) of keeping things in perspective: 

  • We've had a TON of viewings. I don't know the exactly number, but we've got to be rocking on at least 15 now. And let's also remember in those "60 days" we've had several holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. So that's really only about 50 days. And given we're headed into the slowest time of the year for home sales, I'm pretty impressed that Dottie has worked her tail off to get us this far.
  • The feedback we've had from the viewings so far has been encouraging too. People love the kitchen (duh), the size (duh), the village (duh) and the overall charm (double duh). Things they don't like? The bathrooms. They both need to be renovated and we know that. We'd planned to do it but oh, hey, we moved. The exterior of the house needs some TLC too. Nothing major but an update and some serious landscaping. We know that. 
  • We know the house doesn't appeal to everyone. If you want something move-in ready that's in a cookie cutter neighborhood, this isn't the house for you! We need someone who's not afraid of a little DIY (and let's be honest, it's not nearly as much as it was when we moved in!), who's probably young and looking to get their foot on the ladder, and of course, someone who appreciates the charm, history and character of the house. 

To sweeten the deal a little bit, and keep up foot traffic as we really head in to the slow season, we've dropped the price by $25,000. Soon enough, that's going to pinch our pockets, but we want people to know we're motivated sellers and we're pretty flexible to work with. Really.

So, come out, come out, whereever you are friendly little buyer and snag yourself a precious home!

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