A Girl's Getaway!

As you read this, I'm on the road headed to Birmingham, AL for a GIRL'S GETAWAY WEEKEND! 

I'm meeting Schmookies and Lou-Lou (Marie and Lindsey - you got that from the names though, right?) there for a long, relaxing weekend and some seriously overdue girls catch up time. We've all seen each other here and there over the past few years but the last time the three of us were together was July 4th, 2009. That's frankly unacceptable, which is why we're rectifying this situation. Pronto. Sans husbands.

Now, I know that B-Ham perhaps isn't the sexiest of destinations. Trust me, I know. But when you're trying to book something last minute with three girls with crazy schedules, and B-Ham is halfway between me, Texas and New York with decent American Airlines services, well, yeah, you'd take it too. (And yes, we are aware that we will be in Birmingham on MLK day weekend. We'll have to squeeze in some cultural stuff on Sunday to make it seem like we weren't just there for the wine and massages.)

At the recommendation of Lenzi at Homemade Happiness, we're staying at the Renaissance Hotel at Ross Bridge

It's basically a castle. With a spa. And a golf course. And pools.

We have massages booked, I've already packed my bags with wine and snackies, and I may as well go ahead and book our dinner reservations there too, because I'm thinking driving a car is not a good idea. 

You're all in luck because Lindsey-Lou is the QUEEN of taking pictures, and I have a feeling that if I tag her as Blog Photographer for the weekend, it would be a role she would wholeheartedly accept.