Another Road Trip

I'm back home from my latest trip to Texas. As always, it was great to see family and friends but it's bittersweet to leave. I needed to get home and see Mr. B (I think he was pretty lonely without me for a week. Or at least hungry for a good meal!) and start taking care of things here.

In typical Mrs. B fashion, this trip was a logistical circus because I flew to Texas but rented a car to drive a bunch of stuff from my parent's house to my house. (Separate blog post: I feel like I'm "forever" moving out of my parent's house. I'm 28 years old and I've done this at least four times. How much crap can one girl have?)

Here are some fun pics from my ride:

My view from the drivers seat looking back. It was beyond full.

At an essential Starbucks stop in Shreveport, LA.
I sent this picture to Mr. B to remind him of our Kenyan safari from a few years back.
BTW: The Barista was a total beeyotch. Apparently, folks, you're not allowed
to take pictures "inside or outside of any Starbucks location."

Note: The Mississippi rest stops are seriously nice. They basically double
as museums. Hence the Southern Belle dress exhibit throughout this one. I recommend.

Train crossing the Mississippi River. America, what up.


  1. We are also fans of MS rest stops when we go down to visit Tim's family!

  2. Everytime I go home to see my parents, I always bring something back with me- so I totally hear you on the still-moving-out-at-28 thing! :)