House Update - Numero Dos

Good news! The buyers had all their inspections completed last week. From the feedback we've had so far, it seems to have gone pretty well. They have a few concerns, which is no surprise, given the age of the house, but both sides seem confident we can get those fixed ASAP. We should hear back from them on Monday as to how they want to proceed.

You can all breath a sigh of relief now.

Their inspector was especially impressed with the quality of work on all the projects we undertook. The roof, kitchen and electric system especially. No cutting corners at The Anniversary Home. Duh.

I miss my kitchen...

Lesson for all of us: don't try to save a dime here and there in the short-run. You will appreciate the quality of good, solid, reliable craftsman in the future. Sheesh, how old do I sound?


  1. Awesome news! I can vouch for the amazingness of TAH! The B's did a wonderful job with the renovations.

  2. YAY! You do sound old, but you're right!