My favorite/least favorite chores

Blame this tirade on the dishwasher. Because it was my inspiration for this random brain dump.

Yall, I hate emptying the dishwasher. Always have, always will. When my brother and I were little we used to time ourselves to see how quickly we could empty and refill the dishwasher. It always worked. Funnily enough, that "timing" incentive has lost its appeal as an adult.

Here's what goes through my mind when I empty the dishwasher:

Me: Hmmm, didn't I just put you away yesterday?
Plate: Ha. Yeah. And you'll probably put me away again tomorrow.
Me: Did I really use all these items when I was cooking last night?
Entire dishwasher: Laughing at me.

So, on that note, I got to thinking about my favorite/least favorite chores. And yes, this is what I think about when I empty the dishwasher.

Least Favorite:

Emptying the dishwasher: see above.

Taking the trash out: This is a no-brainer. It's a boys job. It's smelly and heavy. When I was living alone at TAH, I always forgot to take the trash out and my neighbor actually commented once how unusual it was to see me performing said chore.

Making the bed: Probably stems from my annoyance at having to do it every.single.day. Don't get me wrong. I love getting in a made-bed. And an unmade-bed. But I prefer it if someone else does it for me. You can't even entice me with some fun throw the sheets up in the air games.


Laundry: There's something seriously satisfying about doing laundry. For starters, you don't have to do it every day. And the results are worth it. Fresh smelling, pretty clothes, towels and sheets. Oh yes - sheets and towels are my favorite. And I love folding towels because I have a very specific way of doing it. I'm sorta a towel-folding dictator.

Cleaning the bathroom: I know it's crazy, but again, you can see the results right away. I'll scrub on my hands and knees just for the satisfaction of seeing all the junk that paper towel picks up. And the reward? Taking a long hot shower in a perfectly clean bathroom. Love it.

Yeah, there's not really a third chore that I like. I tried to think of one, but I just don't really care for anything else.

Here's the confession. Laundry and cleaning the bathroom are the only two chores around the house I'm really responsible for. I'll help with other stuff, but sometimes it's best for marital bliss for me to stay out of the way. True life: my husband is an OCD cleaner.

I'll save the ups and downs of marriage to an OCD cleaner for another post, but I'll leave you with this image as proof of his OCD. At our wedding, his groomsmen all chipped in and presented with his a present:

Mr. B, with his best man, Mr. B, showing off his exciting present

A handheld Dyson vacuum.

Believe me now?


  1. I don't like vacumming in the least. I also detest taking the trash out. Ian fusses at me because I'll pack the trash down so much that the bag will basically break from sheer heft once he finally takes it out.

    What do I love? Cleaning countertops, Swiffering, and organizing the pantry!

  2. Cheers to both having OCD husbands! The only one I do on your list in the loading/unloading of dishwasher and like you said, I'll take that over all the things he does!

  3. I hate folding clothes, but I love doing laundry! Tell me if that makes any sense? I secretly wish that if I spend four hours doing all the laundry, my hubby will feel bad and fold them. Hasn't worked yet.

    And I hear you on the dishwater. We basically stopped using it because we dislike it so much!

  4. I too married an OCD man... I sometimes fold laundry and tend to throw away the junk mail... other than that, nope not allowed to clean, he even has a special way to take the dog out.

  5. OMG another towel folding freak! Yeah for us!! As a sidenote, when I stay at a friend's house, I take the time to organize their towel and linen closet as a "Thank you". Can you beat that, my towel folding freak friend?? :)