The best Christmas present EVER

Look no further friends. I have discovered the ultimate present for almost any occasion. Wait, let's give credit where credit is due: my DAD discovered the best present. And, he found it in the Wall Street Journal, no less. (So typical of my father.)

For Christmas, he had 15 bottles of various red wines shipped directly to our door. Best.present.ever. They're all from smallish, up-and-coming vineyards around the world (no offense America but other countries have really good wine too. Nothing peeves me more than a restaurant with a wine list comprised entirely of American wines) and it's been fun trying and comparing all the different bottles. And for the record, I'm not a wine-snob! I went through phase of buying cases of Charles Shaw (three-buck Chuck) at Trader Joe's but I also appreciate a really high end bottle of wine. Wine is wine.

Now, I know these wine club deals are all over the place, so perhaps I'm just more impressed with my dad's unbelievably insightful gift giving skills. It was beyond thoughtful of him and every time we open a bottle of wine, we think of him!

And opened bottles of wine we have. I save the corks (someday I'll get around to a crafting cork project!) and we still have plenty of bottles to last us, say, another week or so. Kidding. At least two weeks.

Just a heads up yall that my birthday is in June, so email me for my address to send my next case of wine.

Happy Friday! And don't forget it's five o'clock somewhere!


  1. Good thing you moved out of PA then! :) xxoo

  2. It goes without saying that I would really love this gift :) WINO!

  3. And where did he get this fun collection from? I love trying new wine. I would love to check it out!