A little brew-ha-ha

Seeing that I am, technically, of German/Austrian/Czech descent (don't let that married name fool you), I felt it was my duty to czech out (get it, check out?) a small, indie, uber-hipster German Brewhaus in town. It didn't disappoint. Although fair game if my lame jokes do.

I've done my trips to all three motherlands and tried my share of brats, sausages, potatoes and beers. I happen to really enjoy all three.

There was the one time I fell asleep at the dinner table after finishing a plate of sausages, potatoes and beer when I was with my family in Germany. I was 18 and now that I think about it, I think it was the perfect storm between carb-coma and young girl's little tolerance for alcohol. Hilarious.

Fast forward a few years later (and with a much stronger tolerance) to a really sloppy drunk night out in Prague where I ate several (so embarassing) street vendor schnitzels (no shame there) sitting the hotel hallway outside my room shouting schhhhnittzeeelllll. It was, perhaps, my favorite meal ever. Not so much the most memorable though. But I digress.

This little gem did not disappoint. Don't get me wrong - it's not Oktoberfest - but the beer was legit and the hot german potato salad was seriously authentic. Me likey. Plus, they had schnitzel. And funny sayings in german.

I'm hooked.

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  1. Nice. I could really fall in love with that place.