Day 6: 5pm

Dinner for two: sirloin steak, red potatoes, broccoli and red wine

Dinnertime with Mr. and Mrs. B ranges from easy casseroles and take-out to more lovingly prepared homecooked meals and English staples. I enjoy cooking but I don't go too far out of my comfort zone. (I swear, most of the recipes on epicurious seem like way to much work for me.) But there are a few staple meals that make the mix several times a month. And you guessed it, one of those is steak.

I love steak. I said it. And I'm not ashamed of it. PETA can blast me all they want, but I love a good chunk of meat.

Y'all, we even planned our honeymoon around steak. Well, that and wine. Steak and wine. If you're in to really good meat - I'm not talking just your average grocery meat counter stuff - but the best of the best, you just put your behind on a plane and head straight south for Argentina.

Not sure why this is so blurry but yours truly in Buenos Aires with a steak. I'm not kidding around.

There's a really good little organic grocery near us that has pretty nice steak and other meats. Not nearly as good as the little farm around the corner from us in PA, but I'll still recommend this new place. It's all grass-fed, free-range, antibotic and hormone free. (Yes, I have read the Omivore's Dilemma but I promise I'm not a food-wacko.) It's maybe a dollar or two more per pound than the grocery but every bite is worth it.

Sometimes I marinate, sometimes I don't. I always use my Le Creuset pan/grill when cooking steak inside. Hurry up summer so we can bust out the grill! The whole meal takes 20 minutes to prepare and is always satisfying. It's definitely our go-to meal.

Any other steak lovers out there? 


  1. Hells yes!!!!! Churrascaria anyone?

  2. Well, duh --,the blurriness in the photo is 'cos of the wine that accompanied the steak. ;)

  3. I am reading the Omnivore's Dilemma right now!!