Something you wore

Day 7: Something you wore

Taking glam to a whole new level

I'm sure 99% of the people who are participating in this March Photo-a-day challenge posted an adorable, night out on the town outfit for their photo. Me? Not so much. I'm talking houseslippers, workout socks and leggings. That's how I roll. And to be fair, I earned it right? An hour at bootcamp supposedly burns 500-600 calories. So I'd definitely earned my R&R time.

But honestly, who doesn't love houseslippers? I love coming home at the end of a tiring day, throwing my shoes across the room and getting snuggly with these slippers. I may or may not have them on right now.

This year for Christmas, Mama H Santa Claus surprised everyone with a new pair of houseslippers from LL Bean. The girls got the pair above (as pictured; but no longer available on the website?) and the boys got this pair. That Mama H Santa Claus is pretty smart! Not only are they great value, they had free shipping!

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  1. I am wearing mine right this very minute!