My not-so-perfect life

A girlfriend and I were chatting this week over email about blogs we like/dislike, and perhaps because we're so similar, we both quickly agreed that we have no time for bloggers who present a squeeky-clean, happy-go-lucky, everything's perfect, isn't my life fabulous image every.darn.day.on.their.blogs. I am sorry if this revelation offends any of you, but let me explain.

My life is not perfect. (Hey, newsflash! Yours isn't either. That's why we're human and we need each other.) This blog, more than anything else, is an place for me to document and share the ups and downs of TAH, our new life after the move, and hopefully a new little home to call our own.

However, I don't think I'd be doing you or me (remember, this is my blog) any justice if I left out all the unhappy/poo-poo moments of my life. That's why I've shared posts about splitting my jeans getting out of the car, being scared and apprehensive about moving and feeling homesick and missing friends.

And the girlfriend I mentioned earlier? She earned some serious street cred in my blog reading list when she posted a picture of herself, passed out on the floor in a dog bed, with a monogramed stryofoam cup of wine in her hand. Life is not always wine tasting in Napa in twinsets and pearls. Sometimes its getting drunk at home and passing out in the dog bed.

For those of you who know me IRL, I make it a point to find humor in everything. The good and the bad. Which is why I often laugh at the most inappropriate situations/moments and even when I'm having a bad day, you'll often hear me say "This will be funny at some point, not quite yet, but some point."

So, I'll conclude my mini soap box with this. I love writing about my personal ups, and I certainly love reading all of your ups. But I have my downs, and I promise I'll share them in honest, candid detail, as long as you promise to share yours too. Mmmkay?


  1. Amen sister! That friend of yours that you mentioned seems pretty awesome...just saying.

  2. Agreed. I have a few on my blogroll that I have debated cutting. I can't take their no-drama lives! :)

  3. Thank you! I actually took a break from blogging because sometimes even I get caught up in writing Happy, happy posts about my life, then I write a downer post, feel bad for writing it BC I think no one wants to read it then I delete it. I struggle with what seems to be the narcissistic side of some blogs and don't want mine to go in that direction so I just stepped back from it. Good post.

  4. Doll, I think you know my take on writing the personal side of things...

    I read a post I wrote almost a year ago, and when I scrolled through the comments and saw yours, I realized how insanely special this blog world is. You don't have to be bubbles and sunshine all the time, (lord knows my sunshine comes every once in a great while...) but you have a group of women who will pick up up and remind you that you are amazing even on your worst days.

    Cuz you are.

    Happy Weekend, babe.

  5. This bit cracked me up, verbatim!!! - "This will be funny at some point, not quite yet, but some point." - So is it funny yet (pink feather)?

    I'm actually laughing about jousting world as I write this, who knew it would take 5yrs, haha.