My favorite Ballard Bag

I have a mini-obsession with these monogrammed jute bags from Ballard. Many of you have probably received one (or two?) from me for various birthdays and holidays. They're my go-to present.

This little bag has been all over the country with me and even made the travelling team for a few London trips. (It's massive enough that I can fit my purse inside of it, which means I can still use the other carry-on allowance for my roller. That's what many years of back and forth from the US to England gets you: savvy travel skillz.) It also goes to the beach, the pool, the grocery, sometimes to the mall, you name it....

Imagine my shock when I walked into my new mini-obsession, Southeastern Salvage, last week to find they sell the jute bags for cheap and do the monogramming on site?? Are you kidding me? I immediately called Mama H. who began furiously looking at flights to visit so she could experience this gem for herself. (Note to all: June is her next visit to help us get settled in the house and celebrate my birthday! This means lots of blog inspiration!)

They had about every color under the sun, so it was an absolute no-brainer than I needed to get a purple one. Which, by the way, Ballard does not have. I can see many-a-tailgates with this little bag full of beers diapers. (I'm not really there yet mentally so no judging please.)

Granted, these SES bags don't have the "Ballard" tag inside, but they're lined just liked the Ballard version with an inner zip pocket and zipper at the top. I'll let you know how it holds up, but for $17 dollars, I don't even mind if it only lasts a season or two.

Now taking orders! 


  1. Love this bag! I just might be scouring the internet right now searching for the exact one. Now you need to arm Mr. B with a purple monogrammed cooler so yall can tote the diapers AND the beers :)

  2. I don't even need to say that I want one.... Order and give me the cost. :)

    Done and done!

  3. SO cute! What a perfect travel/weekend bag. And I love the purple color!

    Big City Farm Girl