The most bizarre final exam...ever

Firstly, I apologize for the emphasis these days on my schooling. I know it's a little boring - trust me, I know - but lucky for yall, and me, it's almost over.

But, I just have to share this story about my final exam last night, because, frankly, it was pretty wheels off. I need your advice, because I'm second guessing myself and panicking. A full disclaimer: I am totally THAT GIRL in this story. I don't know what came over me and I can promise you that if any of you encounter me in a day-to-day situation I don't come off this way. But ambition mixed with annoyance reared her ugly head last night.

I arrived at the final about 45 minutes early (that girl move #1) and there were a few other people waiting in the classroom. We chatted, did some last minute studying, and when the professor arrived, the room was full and we were ready to go. Seems normal enough.

Rather than just passing out the final (they are normally a few pages stapled together for short answer questions) he began calling last names and distributing a single sheet of paper. Weird. In summary, the piece of paper said something along these lines. I can't remember the exact wording you'll get the gist.

By signing this paper, you will you receive a/n (A/B/C) in the class and do not have to take the tonight's final exam. However, by signing the paper, you revoke the right to contest your final grade in the future.

WHHHHHHATTTT??????? I do not like surprises.

And yes, for the 99.99% of you who are reading this and thinking "Annnd what's the problem? Take the grade and go girl!" Yes, any other night I would have done that, but there were a few issues I needed to process really quickly, because everyone around me was signing and hightailing it out of there.
  1. I had a B. I don't really "do" B's. I didn't even understand how I had a B, though, because while I'd gotten a high B on my midterm, my two other projects had been solid A's. What?
  2. Because I'm transferring these classes (and grades) back to my school in Philly, they will accept the credit but dock me a letter grade. That's not too big of a deal, but because this whole arrangement has been done so hastily, and in some cases, on the good faith of the relationships I'd developed as an employee there, I didn't really want to risk showing up with a C. You understand?
So, I waited until everyone left. And I asked to take the final. Yes, I asked to take the final. (that girl move #2) He obliged, though was clearly not happy about it. I explained I had studied hard for this, felt confident I would do well, and I wanted the opportunity to earn an A. (that girl move #3)

By this point, I'm a little annoyed. I'm thinking, "Listen buddy, you've mischievously - well, props to you - gotten out of grading 29 final exams. I don't think staying while I take an exam is too much to ask. And, frankly, after I've explained that I would like the opportunity to earn my A, what kind of professor are you to look down on some ambition and serious work ethic here?"

45 minutes later, I'm packing my bag and heading out. He was surprised that I had finished so quickly. In my head, I'm thinking, "I told you I knew this stuff." However, I just had to go the extra mile and kindly point out to him that two of the questions included on the final had NOT been included on his learning objectives (basically a list of what to study for on the final) and that I hoped he would grade these accordingly. (massive that girl move #4).

I left the final feeling a proud of myself and yet still annoyed at the professor. I've heard of teachers giving you the option to opt out of the final exam, but never surprising you with it on the night of (and after you've studied) and making you sign away your right to challenge your grade? Surely that's not right?

So, of course, I'm paranoid, he's angry with him for wasting his time and pointing out the mistake on his part. In which, he'll get revenge by giving me a really crappy grade that actually puts me in danger of a bad grade...and not graduating? Oh dear. I can't let my brain go there.

I've been obsessively checking my school email to see if he's emailed my grade. (Again, one exam to grade. 15 short answer questions. Really?) Nothing. Looks like I'll have to sit on pins and needles a little longer.

So, my question to you is: have any of you heard/experienced something like this before?


  1. I have never heard of something like that before! So bizarre! And btw, I would have stayed to take the final too. I would've thought it was some kind of trick question or something signing away my grade like that. So you're not the only "that girl." ;)

  2. I'm sorry, is the question have I heard of a professor doing this before? Or, is the question, have I heard of you being obsessively "that girl"?

    BTdubs, I was cracking up reading this. You went into total serious mode about earning your grade. Love it, wouldn't expect anything less!

  3. I've never had that happen to me before! But don't worry I would have been "that girl" as well if I were in your situation!

    Hope he gets your grade back to you soon! God luck!

  4. This happened to me.... twice! Once in high school, where you could take the grade you got with no final exam if you had perfect attendance in the class, I took the exam.. yes hoping to improve grade for class ranking, and then again in law school... yes law school king of horrific finals. I took the grade though b/c I had an A.... good for you for standing your ground.

  5. I don't recall this ever happening to me. But I probably would have just taken the grade and no exam :) I wish I could say I'd be more driven to take the steps you did!

  6. I've never heard of this happening before! I would have done the same thing you did though, if I studied and felt that I would do well on it, anyway. But I would be so scared that it would be a trick and he would give everyone the lowest grade or something! So glad you graduated though (saw in a post or two before this one)! Congrats!

    I also wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a really great giveaway right now with Shabby Apple! Hope you enter!


  7. What did you end up getting???