Procrastionation for Finals and Musings on an MBA

Goooood Morning Monday! I hope yall had a great weekend.

I have the first of my last finals ever tonight at 7:45pm. In typical Mrs. B. fashion, I've left most of the studying until today. (I have a clear calendar, thank you very much!) Well, for this one at least. I'll study for Wednesday's final on Wednesday. Duh.

This particular final is for Dysfunctional Organizational Behavior. Yep, that's a class. One I could probably teach after a few of the places I've worked. It's actually more of a psychology class with a twist of managment principals thrown in for good measure. I'll be honest, it's a doozy and I'm perfectly okay with that. This particular professor is really big on memorization (excuse me, am I in eighth grade again?) but I'm not complaining because it's very conducive to my last minute study habits.

Wednesday's final is for my Services Marketing class. That's probably been one of my favorite classes throughout the process. It's certainly been the most relevant to my (now on hold) career and it also doesn't hurt that I live with a marketing genius who spends his free time analyzing and critiquing business strategies. And he's always right. Like, Wall Street Journal right.

And after Wednesday, I'll be done with my MBA. Finished forever. No more finals. No more lectures. No more group projects. No more blackboard. No more Chegg for textbooks. It's pretty hard to imagine. All that free time!! This has been a love/hate relationship for the past three years, so forgive me if it takes a little bit for it to actually sink in.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone though. If you're not the lifelong learning type, well, this will seem like a thorn in your side. But I like a challenge and challenge myself I did. If I could do it again, there's plenty of things I'd have done differently. I'd certainly have given my best shot at a top-notch school and gone full-time, but then, well, I'd have had to pay for that and free education is definitely not something to turn up your nose to.

I've made some very good friends along the way and shared some really, really, really funny memories. The classmate who asked me out on a date, then professed his love for me - all AFTER I'd made very clear I was married - was certainly top three. (Yes, the classmate from an international destination that shall not be identified who was getting his MBA because he wanted to be a librarian. Yall, I can't make this stuff up.)

To celebrate the return of my free weekends, Mr. B is taking me to a big cosmopolitan city for a weekend away of shopping and good food. He's a good man. I'll share pictures next week.

And graduation is in a few weekends so I'll certainly share pictures from that.

But I can't get ahead of myself just yet. That final is at 7:45 tonight and the clock is ticking. Wish me luck!!


  1. Best of luck-I'm sure you"ll ace it! Love you!

  2. Good luck! Tell Mr. B. to prepare a (virgin) cocktail for you after you ace your test!