A House Update and a Coincidental Anniversary?

Wooooweeee it's been a little bit of a crazy week. A little finals, some crazy baby biz-nass and some house chaos is just enough to make a girl pull her hair out. Or take a nap. If you know me, I definitely did the latter. A lot of the latter.

We had the appraisal this week on the new house and well, as you can expect, nothing can just go perfectly smoothly with these things. To make a long story short, the numbers were a little off but we all came to a resolution. <Insert happy endings sigh. Wait, let's not forget the stress and angst that got us to the "happy ending". Let's just move on.> The new deal was all signed and sealed this afternoon. I think? Mr. B is managing that actually.

(BTW - as a side note - I'd seriously like to know how one "becomes" an appraiser? Honestly?! Because it seems like the strangest profession. You just go out there and tell people what their house is worth? But there's about a million and five different, unique variables for each and every house in this country. Who's to say a couple thousand here and there will really matter in the long-run? And no, I'm not talking tens of thousands...I'm talking a drop in the bucket when you think about the total transaction. I'm all for appraisers who are getting a ballpark figure, but I don't quite buy this to the exact dollar approach. Gimme a break. Or sign me up for a class.)

So, yes, we still have a house and we're still on track to close at the end of May. Want to know something pretty neat-o about our closing date? We're closing on the NEW Anniversary Home four days before my parents 30th wedding anniversary. I mean, it's not quite exactly the date, but if you all will indulge me, I think that has to be a good omen right? 30 years is definitely something to celebrate!

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