Puppy Postponement

So, as yall know, there's still one little addition that's missing from our family and that's the long overdue Christmas puppy.

You know, the one Mr. B gave to me for Christmas and then took it away? Oh you don't know that story? Well I'll tell you that story. (Note: if you're not particularly fond of drama or exaggeration, or you're likely going to take Mr B's side on this one, I suggest you just click that little X in the top right corner of your screen.)

All along the countdown has been April. April this, April that. Why April? I will refresh your memory. Remember, we were living in the corporate furnished apartment until March 26 and they don't allow dogs. The plan was that we would get a dog when we moved into our apartment before we moved in to our new house. It made sense at the time because we didn't know how long we'd be in the apartment so we just figured we'd bite the bullet.

(There's a lot of moving going on here. I swear we're not normally this nomadic. Actually, yes we are. Once we're in the new house in May, that will make for 7 houses in 8 years. Boom. Not something I'm happy about though, which I continue to remind Mr. B of on a near daily basis. But I digress.)

So, the other night laying in bed, Mr. B turned to me and said, in a very matter-of-fact, stern voice, "We're going to wait to get a dog until we move into to the new house".

I did what every pregnant reasonable woman would do. I rolled over into my pillow and sobbed my eyes out. I'm talking the balling type of crying where your whole body shakes and your sinuses feel like they're going to explode. The kind of crying you'd expect from a toddler who's just had a lollipop taken away. Absolute fits.

I proceeded to call him a very PC term which rhymed with "schmindian schmiver". The severity of my insult was, of course, lost on him due to a ridiculous cultural gap we share. (Hello, we both speak English but that's not to say we speak the same English. And really, who doesn't know what a schmindian schmiver is.) I finally resorted to shouting, "You're a present giver-taker-backer" which seemed to better communicate my feelings.

Once he realized I wasn't joking around, he sort of backed off the comment and tried his best to mask his complete hysterical laughter / utter shock at my reaction. Once I calmed down, he explained that we would still get a dog, but he didn't think it made sense to pay the $350 nonrefundable pet fee for only 6 more weeks of living here.

I couldn't necessarily say he was wrong, but I sure as heck wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right. I told him I'd sleep on it, and well, it hasn't really been discussed since.

But I'm in a pickle people. The fact of the matter is, I'm a rational, responsible woman who knows he's right. I can wait a month or two more for my little furry friend and with all the big expenses on the horizon, I shouldn't be throwing away $350 just because. I suppose another option would be just to get the dog and try to hide it for a few weeks to avoid paying the fee, but let's be honest, I'm too honest for that and I'd be the first person to get caught.

So I have to figure out a way to agree with Mr. B while still saving face. Any suggestions?


  1. I have read that dogs have a wonderful innate sense of knowing when a woman is pregnant. I've seen the sweetest pictures of pups snuggling a woman's belly while she was pregnant. What a beautiful thing nature is. Dogs are also very protective of the newborn babies due to the bonding they've done. Obviously, he cannot spare you, or the dog for that matter, the special connection of having as many months as possible to encourage and appreciate this bonding experience.

    Am I right?!?! ;) (I should have been an attorney)

  2. This made me LOL. Not totally funny, because I know it is upsetting, but just a tiny bit because I can only imagine he had no idea he would get that response! One things for sure, when pup comes along, he will be very much deserved :)

  3. If you have to actually verbalize that he's right and that you agree with him, get him drunk and tell him so. You actually said it but the details will be fuzzy for him. Then never mention it again! ;-) May or June will be pefect times for getting a puppy :-) P.S. Tim made me wait to get Layla and it was totally worth it!

  4. Tell him it was the pregnancy hormones talking....they will more than likely say some more crazy things during the course of the next few months... :) My husband and I almost divorced (not really) when I was pregnant over the fact that there IS a difference between mayo and miracle whip...seriously. I sobbed and sobbed because I wanted a BLT with MIRACLE WHIP. I got mayo. He just looked at me like I had lost my freaking mind! We laugh hard about it 3 years later! Hormones, blame the darn hormones!!