Thank you!

Wow yall. Thanks for all your awesome, lovely, supportive comments about the baby and the new house. We feel very blessed. 2012 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year for us.

For now, I need a TGIF in the house because this has been a longggg week. Even though I'm not working full-time these days, I have found myself busier than ever. Between MBA classes and all the - what I call - personal admin that needs to be attended to when moving/buying a home, well, I'm exhausted. I suppose part of that could be contributed to Baby B. Thanks Baby B.

We're keeping this weekend fairly low-key since next weekend we have a visit from Whitney! Friday evening we're headed downtown for dinner with Rich's colleague and his girlfriend, which I'm looking forward to. (Hello fancy mocktails for me!)

Saturday morning we're off to check out some estate sales. (Remind me to tell yall about the auction house we found here. I think it gives Brown Bros a run for its money!) We have a bunch of errands to run and then we're playing a quick 9-hole round of Twilight golf on Saturday afternoon to take advantage of this beautiful weather. Well, the weather and to take our new clubs out to play. Yes, Mr. B and I treated ourselves to new sets of golf clubs when we sold TAH. (The thinking behind that was that we'd actually have some spare time to enjoy a round of golf!)

Sunday is church, long walk through the park and probably a movie-nap on the sofa. Oh, the sofa! I must update yall on that too....Recurring theme here: I owe yall some updates!

Enjoy your weekend!
K xo

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