Hi, my name is....

Kate. aka Mrs. B.

In case you've forgotten. Because, yes, I've been MIA lately.

Life's been busy and I have so much to update you on!

I promise, over the next week, to update you on the following:
  • Meet Clementine and Dixie - OUR NEW PUPPIES! (yes, puppies)
  • We're buying a house on Friday. Just thought I should probably fill you in on that too.
  • I graduated with my MBA. So that's exciting.
  • Mr. B spoiled me with a shopping trip to Atlanta for my graduation present.
  • Thanks to Jamie over at Cows, Corn & Country Girls for the Liebster Award Love. I owe you a proper post as a thank you!!
So, yes, watch this space. Cause things are gonna get real. (And I can write now that the puppies are sleeping!!)

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