Meet the Puppies: Clementine & Dixie

Merry Christmas to all! After many years months of patiently waiting, I'm so happy to introduce Miss Clemmie and Miss Dixie: our 10 week old lab/hound mix sisters.

Dixie, on the left - Clemmie, on the right
On the way home from being adopted

To say they've absolutely consumed our lives in the best possible way would be a total understatement. We laugh, and laugh, and laugh every day with (or at?) them. they. are. so. much. fun.

Clemmie, on the left - Dixie, on the right
Why the serious faces girls? You LOVE riding in the car.

So, you're probably - and rightly - wondering the back story behind these two pups. And in typical Mrs. B. fashion (cast your mind back to my Eventual Disclosure post) the acquisition of Clem & Dixie was nothing less than what you'd expect from me.

A few weekends ago - on Cinco de Mayo to be exact - I was working at the Theta Alumni garage sale. (Yes, alums do philanthropy events too!) A mother and her two daughters stopped by our sale and they were all wearing matching t-shirts promoting the local "adopt-a-thon" at Petsmart which was taking place later that afternoon. I got to talking with them and decided that after my garage sale shift, and a quick nap, I was going to casually stop by this little shindig to see what was up. In my head, I knew that this was the day.

I arrived at the adopt-a-thon and found Clem & Dixie at the last little station. They were there with their third sister, all sleeping soundly in the cage, and I just had to have them. I had to fend off a few other potential suitors by wrongly or rightly guilting the other couple in to letting me have Clemmie "because it just wouldn't be right to separate sisters". Fast forward through some paperwork and we were headed home.

This story sounds totally normal until you let your mind wander to the "where's the husband?" gray area. And, gray area it was because Mr. B wasn't there. He was, instead, on the golf course. On the 10th hole to be exact. (Men! Pay Attention! This is what happens when you leave women alone on Saturday afternoons!) I called, and called, and called, but his phone was on silent. I sent him a text with a picture, to which I got a response of  "cute!". He managed to call me and I told him, in all honesty, that there was no time to waste. If he wanted me to get the dog, I needed his permission to pull the trigger. And permission was granted. With one small caveat.

He thought I was adopting one. But I got both. And he didn't really find out about the second until he got home. Long story short, it was the best eventual disclosure decision I've ever made. I was seriously worried he would lose it and make me give one away, but he surprised me by saying he wouldn't have it any other way. So, we got two puppies.

They sleep all curled up around each other, they try to steal each others food and treat, they play fight and share toys, they are just sisters.

Asleep in the back seat - did I mention we do a lot of driving?

And because riding in the car is soooo exhausting, Dixie falls asleep sitting up.

The first couple days were touch and go, especially after the first vet visit when we thought they was an off-chance that Dixie had a pretty nasty virus. Which obviously sent this rational preggo woman into a spiral of tears. C&D both licked my tears away as I was laying on the floor with them. No lie.

But we're all on track now. They've already gained 5lbs in two weeks, they love going to the dog park, like jumping on the dishwasher, are scared of the vacuum and love eating peanut butter out of their kongs. They're happy as can be. And so are we.

If you follow me on twitter (@khaeg) or instagram (@kahb), you've probably figured out that's all I do these days - take pictures of my pups. And I love it. Hope you don't mind either. I mean who can resist this?



  1. OMG they are so cute! I was waiting for the story of how you got two.... My hubs is a no-go on my getting a sister for my Chloe... Keep the puppy pics coming!

  2. LOVE THEM!! You got your pup(s) alright :) How are you feeling with the pregnancy? i feel out of touch!!

  3. They're adorable! I wish y'all could do a playdate with moi and Layla Lou!

  4. We did the exact same thing and adopted our kittens which are identical sisters! I saw them and realized there was no way I could possibly separate them. It would be heartbreaking. They are bestfriends and always have someone to play with!