It's Closing Day!

As you're reading this, I'm probably signing my life again on a thousand various dotted lines.

Today, we're buying a house! (It almost slipped my mind too, but here's a refresher on The Anniversary Home II.)

We'll be spending the weekend packing and moving our stuff over from the old apartment. (Sidenote: Dear Apartment Living, it's been real, but I think it's definitely time we go our separate ways. Thanks for all the convenience and giving me some free time + my weekends back. But I need some space and some silence from the neighbors. And Clem & Dixie need a yard to run around in. Yours truly, Me xox)

Since I'm "with child", I won't actually be doing much heavy lifting. And that's fine by me, because of course we've picked the hottest weekend (mid 90's) to move. I suppose it's better than rain. The uber-nerd in me will be filling in a home inventory list I found for that just in case the house ever burns down moment. They always tell you to do this, and I never do, so let's say this may or may not end well. This already seems like one of those activities that needs a bottle of wine to be completed (and enjoyed) so I'm already down for the count on that one.

I'll be sure and take lots of pictures and keep you updated!

PS: Five years ago this weekend Mr. B and I were somewhere in Kenya on safari. And then sitting on a beach. Funny how life changes!

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