Living in the Dark Ages

This is a cry for help.

We are STILL without internet and I think I'm going crazy. After the worst service from a company that starts with Com and ends in Cast (I knew that would happen) Mr. B threw a fit with them an canceled our service. Well, if you can call no Internet and TV as "service". I prefer to say "contract that was not fulfilled".

We're now on a waiting list for the other company in town. Yes, waiting list, because there are so many people defecting from the company that does not fulfill contracts. At the latest, we'll be hooked up next week but we're also on a waiting list should anything open up sooner. Please cross your fingers for us. I'm losing touch with reality... And think of how many KUWTK I've missed. I've lost count. That's how bad it is.

On my way to our 20 week appointment for Baby B - we're staying old fashioned and not finding out the sex until he/she makes his debut... But it's an exciting milestone nonetheless.

Talk soon friends!

Mrs B xo


  1. I can't believe you are already 20 weeks! And yes, Comcast sucks :( Hope you get some relief soon!!!

  2. 20 weeks, how exciting!

    I think its so fun that ya'll are waiting to be surprised with the sex of your little one. My guess? Girl!