Happy Birthday America!

I'm baaaaack...

You'll be pleased to know that we're officially settled in WITH internet. Please don't even get me started about that wretched company (rhymes with Rom-Rast) and despite the 2.5 week wait, I'm very grateful to our new company who deliver fast internet and excellent TV without the attitude.

I, of course, have a back log of posts and things to update you on, but since it's America's birthday and all that, I thought I should give her the center stage today. It's a little weird having the holiday in the middle of the week. Last night felt like Friday night, and today feels like Sunday - or is it just me?

It's been hotter than hades here lately so the plan for today is to stay inside until later this afternoon when we're headed over to a friend's house for a cookout and some relaxation. Most of the fireworks around us have been cancelled due to the extreme dryness (and as I write this Mr. B. is outside moving the sprinkler, again, in a desperate attempt to save our lawn from drying out forever and ever) so we'll probably have a low key night in. Plus, puppies and fireworks don't mix.

The 4th of July around these parts means a house divided with Mr. B constantly attempting to reassert his Britishness (read: salvage his pride) that his dear motherland let go of such a wonderful colony 236 years ago. I, of course, use this fine holiday as another weapon in my never-ending arsenal of reasons why America (and therefore, directly, me) is superior. We're a little competitive.

For now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Mr. B from several years ago. When we first moved to Philly and my brother came to visit, we duly made our pilgrimage to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell like all good Americans should. I snapped this pic of Rich while we were all "admiring" the beautiful bell. No, it is not staged. And yes, he was that bored with the entire visit. Furthermore, double bonus points if you notice his choice of attire.

Happy Birthday America!

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