How are Clemmie & Dixie?

I'm sure you're all dying to know. I mean, who doesn't love posts about puppies?

Back at the end of May, we visited the local dog park with our friend who shot some candid photos of them playing. They LOVE the dog park. They love meeting new friends, running in circles, barking at squirrels and just hanging out.

Clemmie loves playing with Harley and Barbie - the Great Danes of the park

Ever the hound, this is a rare picture of Dixie without her nose sniffing the ground

They love to run side by side through the park

Fetch is a work in progress...

Again, a work in progress...

Clemmie loves the agility course

About to tip over - she doesn't realize what's next!

Let's just say she doesn't really care for the seesaw now.

On top of the world

And my personal favorite, crazy running Dixie.

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