Paint Color CRISIS!

As predicted, one of the perks of moving into a brand new home is that, well, there's nothing that really needs to be "done". This current home was the definition of move-in ready. To be fair, I suppose I'm comparing two extremes. Let's face it, the last Anniversary Home was a wreck and we would have easily spent the next 10 years of our lives renovating that place with little to show for it.

Of course, there's things to be done to make it our own. We still need furniture is certain rooms, there are DIY / crafting projects I'd like to tackle, and perhaps most pressingly, the nursery.

But before I can fully give my attention to any of those projects, there is one HUGE eyesore that needs to be remedied stat. Remember the Master bedroom and bathroom?

If you don't immediately see what I'm talking about here, you need to adjust the color settings on your computer. And if you think there's something wrong with the color settings on your computer, no worries friend, this paint color really is that offensive.

I'm wise enough to know that if this doesn't get painted soon, before we get too comfortable and the baby arrives, it'll be years before it gets done. And because this color is so electric it actually is hard to fall asleep in this room at night. Ladies, can you even imagine putting your MAKEUP on in this bathroom? No wonder I always look like a hot mess. I can't bear the prospects of dealing with this stress for any longer than is physically necessary.

I've had painters in for quotes - I'm also giving the kitchen a new paint color (more on that this week) - and we're scheduled to paint on August 1st. That's just around the corner. Because some things never change, we're back to picking paint colors.

I've always been an advocate of painting your samples on white poster board rather than directly on the wall you'll be painting for this exact reason. There's no way anyone could make an sound choice when you're working with that orange/pink/red as a backdrop.

So here's where I need your help. I know it's difficult to pick paint colors from this photo, but would you mind please leaving your vote in the comments? Mr. B and I have it narrowed down, but it'll be interesting to see if your comments serve as a much needed tie-breaker.

Here's the list of colors:

On the left:
1. Benjamin Moore Light Pewter
2. Benjamin Moore Abalone
3. Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble 
4. Olympic Georgian Silver

On the right:
1. Benjamin Moore Silver Fox at 50%
2. Valspar Smoked Oyster at 75% (remember this color from the kitchen & dining room???)
3. Benjamin Moore Hampshire Taupe
4. Valspar Frappe

Thanks in advance friends - your help is much appreciated!


  1. Bizzy I think this is a hard decision! I like a couple of these! I really like Ancient Marble, that would be a nice warm color for a bedroom (but if you're doing green in Baby B's room you might not want too much green). And I'm still loving smoked oyster! You haven't had the opportunity to enjoy that one enough! I don't like Georgian Silver, Hampshire Taupe or Frappe. Good luck!

  2. Olympic Georgian silver

  3. I like numbers 1 and 2 from each of the two posterboards (ingenius idea, btw)!

  4. #1 Benjamin Moore Light Pewter

  5. I like Benjamin Moore Light Pewtwer or Olympic Georgian Silver. I was about to do a post on this exact same problem. Brian and I found a house and close on August 3rd so we're trying to decide on paint colors too! Good luck!!

  6. I am LOVING Benjamin Moore Silver Fox at 50%!

  7. I'll be slightly vague and say anything from board #1 on the left :-)

  8. I am liking the Olympic Georgian Silver :)

  9. Smoked Oyster... brings a bit of the former TAH to the new one. Sentimental and classic.


  10. Light Pewter is it since the greys are back in again just like they were in the late 80's. In advance, the next "new" color will be a newer version of a mauve. Trust me as I was a colorist for years to the carpet industry and we would study past trends. That being said, remember that paint darkens while carpet lightens as the end result. Yours truly,
    carpetgeek :)