London's Calling

My bestie, Whitney, left for London yesterday for the Olympics. No, she's not an athlete, but she's about as VIP as they are. She has a pretty kick butt job working on the Olympics sponsorship account for Hilton Hotels. She's been prepping for this month for essentially the past two years of her life and yesterday she boarded a jet plane (first class, yo - this is the Olympics) to head to London for the next few weeks.

She'll be working very hard, but I'm pretty sure she'll make time to play pretty hard too. Like I said, this is the Olympics, yo.

Before she left, I put together a little care package for her, complete with her own Team USA inspired monogramed tote and some other USA inspired goodies. For as long as we've known each other, we've always had "The Queen" to share at special moments like this, at my wedding (which I realized I've never blogged about) and her 21st birthday. The Queen isn't too travel friendly, and she's still in a box - goodness knows which one - downstairs, so I found her a travel friendly version. Here's the pic I got yesterday from her:

Of course the Queen makes an appearance midflight with a glass of red. Of course. That's my girl.   
Here's proof of how awesome her job is...this was her on NBC at the Olympic Trials for the Women's Gynmastics Final a few weeks ago in San Jose. Yes, I snapped this on my TV and yes, this was the moment that our girl Nastia fell off the Uneven Bars.

Ultra serious face because, let's be honest, did you SEE homegirl's fall? Ouch. Double Ouch.
Plus, Whit and I were super obsessed with her in Bejing so it triple sucked to watch.

Hope you have an amazing trip Whit! Love you! GO USA!

PS: Thanks to everyone for all your feedback on yesterday's paint color crisis post. There's still time to share your vote! I'll share an update later this week.

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